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Rajendra Law Office is a team of senior advocates who have dedicated their lives to the legal profession. This is a full-service law firm that provides legal consultation and representation in Civil, Criminal, Family, Corporate, Cyber and juvenile law matters. This legal team includes trial attorneys, defense lawyers, and legal consultants who are skilled in handling a variety of cases. Of course, They offer our clients prompt and professional service at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our services and how we can help you. There are many number of doubts to clarify. Please find below the Frequently Asked questions (FAQ) and Answers


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  • Legal Consultation | Rajendra Law office

    Legal Consultation

    Legal services are a vital consideration for Individual, Companies, Society, NGO, business owners, Govt servants and many other. You can avail this when you face a number of legal hurdles. Protecting the owner's personal assets from lawsuits against the company, ensuring the company's protection from discrimination, termination and sexual harassment lawsuits, and handling employee contracts, copyright claims, and company incorporations are just a few of the legal issues common to small business owners.

  • Litigation Services | Rajendra Law office

    Litigation Services

    Litigation support has been defined as "the process of providing counsel and support services to attorneys or others in relation to ongoing and pending cases". Litigation Support Services encompass all activities, usually within the law firm, aimed at preparing a lawyer to hear a case. Avail the Best Litigation Services. A litigator, also known as a trial attorney, represents a client in court or in court proceedings before a judge by defending the client. The job of a litigator is to conduct legal research, prepare legal documents and present the case in court.

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