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Rajendra Law Office is an All rounder Boutique Law Firm catering various Legal Support services all over India. The legal profession in our Law Firm has played a vital role as advisers and defenders of rights. Firstly, it helps in settling disputes between entities such as individuals, governments or ordinary people against the government. Second, it helps ordinary people. to defend their fundamental rights. Make an Appointment and Meet an Attorney instantly to resolve any Legal Issue.

Our Specialities

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • IPR Law
  • Govt Service Matters

Civil Law

A civil Attorney, commonly known as a litigator, plays a crucial role in handling non-criminal civil litigation. We typically handle litigation related to personal injury, family relationships, employment, and real estate. You may also work with government agencies and business institutions.

  • Advocate Saravvanan R [ Madras High Court Lawyer in Chennai ] | Rajendra Law office
    Meet our Attorneys to file or to contest a Civil case and resolve the issues

    Advocate Saravvanan R

Civil Cases | Civil Law | Corporate Litigation | Business Litigation | Rajendra Law office
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Corporate Law

Corporate Advocates and Legal Consultants are experts in Commercial litigation. Their job is to ensure that a company's transactions comply with the company's laws and regulations. Our law firm offers Legal Services for negotiation of agreements, Dispute among Directors as well as Mergers and Acquisitions.

  • Advocate Arjun S | Rajendra Law office
    Consult our Corporate Lawyers to Resolve all your company matters and Business disputes instantly

    Advocate Arjun S


Criminal Law

Here Criminal Attorneys handle a wide range of claims including domestic violence, sexual assault, property, and drug offenses, driving without a license, fraud, money laundering and corruption. The practice of criminal law is largely devoted to the defense of the accused.

  • Adv Venkatakrishnan | Rajendra Law office
    Protect yourself from Criminal Charges by availing Bail and Anticipatory bail services . Defend your charges.

    Advocate Venkatakrishnan 

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chennai Madras High Court
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Our Practice Areas

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    Real Estate

    Real estate or Property attorneys act for registration and Litigation for clients including investors and developers, governments, property owners and public sector agencies on a wide range of transactions, ranging from office to commercial Developments include green field, infrastructure projects, etc

  • Agreement | Rajendra Law office

    Family Law

    Family Law is most of all complicated in India. Different religions follow their own Laws and practices. Top Rated Divorce Lawyers in Chennai Madras High Court offer the Best Legal Services with regards to Hindu Laws, Muslim Laws, Christian Laws and other Laws. 

  • Stroller | Rajendra Law office

    IPR Law

    IPR Attorneys offer Legal solution in relation to all intellectual property rights Violation. They Handles client matters related to licenses, patents, trademarks, distribution, copyright, technology transfers, franchises and trade secret projects. These Advocates are responsible for the court process and Claims

  • Gavel | Rajendra Law office

    Govt Service Matters

    Senior Advocates in Rajendra Law Office offer the Best Legal Services for Govt Service matters in Madras High Court, Central Administrative Tribunals, Armed force Tribunals and Supreme Court of India. These Lawyers resolve any type of State Govt and central government employment issues

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